Kennel Manager

Katie Marshall 

Katie grew up on a farm and developed an interest for taking care of animals at a young age. She is a graduate of DMACC and has been taking care of animals professionaly for over 10 years. She has been with SFPH since September 2016. Katie loves being able to care for animals as she says it gives her a sense of appreciation and purpose. She strives to learn as much as she can in the field to take the best possible care of our boarders and patients.

Away from work, Katie enjoys going to the races with her husband, who races hobby stocks. She says this gives her the opportunity to step outside her normal routine and share time with her husband. She and her husband share their home with Trip a 10 year old DSH, Charlie a 4 year old Munchkin cat, Heikki, a 2 year old DSH, and Sebastian, a 6 month old Crown Tail Betta fish.


Kennel Attendants

Megan Kress

Megan became part of the SFPH team  as a kennel attendant in October 2015. Megan has always really loved animals and wanted a job that would help to heal them. Megan is currently attending classes at DMACC and is planning on applying for the veterinary technician program. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys running, boating, fishing, and spending time with her family and friends. Megan has an 8 year old shih tzu named Scout and a 5 year old hedgehog named Daisy. 

Liz English

Liz has been working in the kennels at SFPH since February 2016. She is currently attending classes at DMACC and will be enrolling in the veterinary technician program. She truly love animals and providing the care they need. 

Liz enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, and walking her dogs when she has free time. She has two dogs - Frankie, a 7 year old cocker/bichon and Willie, an 11 year old cockapoo. Liz also owns a 3 year old bearded dragon named Rae.

Holly Swinton *Bio Coming Soon*